Introducing New Ways to Cure Hair Loss

Hello fellow hair loss sufferers. Welcome to the site. This is going to be a no BS site about ways to actually treat hair loss and get rid of it once and for all. With today’s modern treatments, I’m going to show you what works and what is just plain snake oil. Everyone in my family is bald, but somehow I beat it and have kept a decent head of hair. Read through my pages and find out how I did it.

Propecia the #1 Hair Loss Prevention Drug


Waking up in the morning and seeing clumps of hair, just sitting there on your pillow is a much scarier sight than seeing Chuckie in a dark alley. Hair loss is something that a large percentage of adults face. The good news is that medicine has advanced so much that we now have a solution to the problem that has eluded many people – Propecia. Does Propecia work? Find out for yourself. Let’s first take a look at why hair loss occurs.

Why Hair Loss Occurs

Hair loss isn’t something that comes from aging alone; it also comes from the many habits that we all go through each day. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), the average person will lose anywhere between 50-100 hair strands each day. The average human head has a hair follicle count of 20 individual hairs in its lifetime. Based on the numbers alone, it’s frightening at how much hair is lost each day by not doing anything to it. Some of the things that we do each day that cause more hair strands to be lost, and continue the process include things such as stress. In our daily society there are many things that we have to juggle to get by. Things such as divorce or any other traumatic events can increase the hair loss rate as well. The three “B’s” are some of the things that cause the most extreme stress that lead to large hair loss – bankruptcy, breaking up, and bereavement. These three things can knock anyone’s stress levels to areas where it can change your hair cycle. After a stressful event, it can take just a few weeks to a few months to start seeing large hair loss. Other things that cause hair loss include wrong food choices, blow-drying hair frequently and even tying your hair too tight.

Why Propecia is the Best Solution

How does Propecia work in solving hair loss? It does this by inhibiting the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme that takes your testosterone and convert it into more potent DHT (androgen dihydrotestosterone. DHT is the one that is responsible for shrinking your hair follicles, which lead to the eventual baldness. With Propecia inhibiting the hair loss progression by 60%, the results really show how well the hair follicles remain, and even grow back. More than 86% of the people that have used Propecia have shown significant results in stopping hair loss in their scalps. Propecia is the best medicine remedy to prevent hair loss. This website has a page on Propecia that links to a bunch of official clinical studies that have been done on Propecia and its effectiveness.

Is Dutasteride as good as Propecia?

Dutasteride (Avodart)
Dutasteride (Avodart)

I came across Dutasteride, also known as Avodart, when I was researching Propecia. Is it as good as Propecia? Well I’ll tell you it looks like it may be even more effective in treating hair loss than Propecia itself. It sounds like a lot of people are getting this prescribed to them as an off label hair loss medication.

Interestingly like Propecia this drug is used for prostate issues and stuff like that. Research indicates that dutasteride blocks more DHT than Propecia because it blocks two different enzymes instead of one. Pretty cool, but the thing is not all doctors will prescribe you Dutasteride for hair loss. I think the main reason for this is that they are worried about getting into trouble. Maybe if you printed out some of the studies and showed them the results you would have a better chance of getting a prescription.

A study was run comparing Propecia to Dutasteride at varying doses. Check out this site ( for the dutasteride study. It shows that the sample patch of the scalp had even more hair growth than the one that was using Propecia. Before you run off and try and get a prescription online or something you should remember that going on a medication like this should be done under the supervision of a doctor.

The Effectiveness of Nioxin Shampoo in Preventing Hair Loss

The shampoo Nioxin is a unique shampoo that cleanses the hair and removes toxins and dihydrotestosterone from the hair. Dihydrotestosterone is the main culprit in hair loss. There are eight Nioxin shampoo systems for different hair types. They perform various functions i.e. for the treatment of thinning hair, sub-nourished, down, sparse growth, slow, etc. Each is designed for specific needs that are evaluated according to hair thinning level (normal to thin noticeably thinned appearance), hair texture (normal, medium or large) or if the hair is natural or chemically treated. For a full review of the 6 types of Nioxin hair system products go to the Nioxin shampoo review page at Hold the Hairline.

The first four systems add volume to the hair and make them look good. They are intended for hairs that are beautiful hair, natural or chemically treated. System 5 and 6 provide moisture to the hair and make hair smooth and luxurious. They are particularly useful for medium and coarse hair. System 7 and 8 energize the hair and keep hair strands moist. They are useful for hair that is medium to coarse in texture and is also chemically enhanced

You can make the diagnosis for free here ( on the brand’s website to find out what the best treatment. Here is a video from their site:

The NIOXIN treatment consists of shampoo with deep cleansing anti-residue properties. Also realize that it also has beautifying effects in addition to anti hair loss effects. The ingredients will remove the excess toxins that are stifling the hair follicles. This build-up of toxins prevent the growth of hair and contributes to loss.

The Nioxin scalp therapy product is a scalp conditioner (yes, the conditioner is applied to the scalp to treat and no, it will not ruin luscious hair). The system also includes a scalp treatment, which is a finisher (leave in) scalp product you apply after taking a shower. Do not wash this off with water. Each “system” has its own finisher, designed to stimulate and protect the scalp. The best selling product in the kits is the Nioxin Intensive Treatment Hair Booster, it stimulates hair growth in thinning and bald areas. Use this and liberally apply it all over the scalp for the best results.

How to use Nioxin Hair System

Nioxin Hair System 2
Nioxin Hair System 2
  1. The Nioxin shampoo, like all others must be applied first by dropping it into the palm (the equivalent of a teaspoon, two at the most, it is very concentrated).
  2. After rubbing the hands together you’ll make a thick foam that can easily be dispersed through the hair.
  3. You should leave the shampoo in for about 5 minutes, letting the anti hair loss agents work their magic. It will feel a bit tingly and cold, but that’s how it is supposed to work (it has mint in the composition of ingredients).
  4. For long hair people, Nioxin is used in very much the same way, but remember you don’t need to use the shampoo on the hair ends. Focus on the scalp. When using a different shampoo you can wash the scalp AND the hair ends.
  5. After rinsing well, use and apply conditioner on the scalp. Leave it in for about 5 minutes or more time like with the shampoo. It is okay to use the conditioner on the hair ends as well because this will amplify the appearance of your head of hair.
  6. After that, use a towel to remove excess water and pat the hair semi dry.
  7. You’ll then finish by applying and leaving in the scalp therapy product which is the last in the three step series.

Nizoral 2% Shampoo: The Best Shampoo Solution in the Battle Against Hair Loss

Can a shampoo help in the battle against hair loss? Something readily available without a prescription or any fuss? Years of study has indicated the answer to those questions is yes.

The shampoo in question is Nizoral, and it’s been shown to help reduce and even reverse the effects of androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern balding.

Developed as an anti-fungal treatment for seborrheic dermatitis – it’s marketed as a dandruff shampoo. Nizoral’s active ingredient, ketoconazole, was discovered to have the welcomed side effect of promoting the regrowth of hair. It was a happy surprise for the scientists, similar to vasodilatory medication minoxidil, used primarily as anti-hypertensive drug, turned out to also regrow the hair of those balding men prescribed the drug.

Nizoral Shampoo
Nizoral Shampoo

For the technically minded, ketoconazole is an imidazole anti-fungal agent in which a topical use of 2% concentration in shampoo has been reported to have had a clinically therapeutic effect on androgenetic alopecia. More plainly, if you’re dealing with hair loss, it’s one more tool in your toolbox for what is a complicated process that benefits from multiple lines of treatment. (For a scientific look at the multi-modal approach and ketoconazole’s role, research papers such as PMC3262531 and 22735503 are a good start).

If you’re looking to treat hair loss, you’re most interested to know if Nizoral is helpful. The research – and there are more than a few studies available – says it is. Effective by itself, the shampoo’s real benefits kick in when it’s used to optimize a regimen that includes the likes of Nioxin and Propecia. That’s why ketoconazole is now being packaged in combination with other topicals as a treatment for balding. Straight off the shelf, however, Nizoral remains the most inexpensive way to enjoy the benefits discovered in the research.

Just why Nizoral works remains open to study. Ketoconazole is clearly an anti-fungal, so it treats scalp conditions that aren’t uncommon with alopecia. And it blocks androgen receptors, another important facet of the hair loss battle. Androgen receptors tell your body how to respond to dihydrotestosterone (DHT, the villain in balding) and other androgens. While the mechanism is unknown, that Nizoral works has been shown.

It’s also an anti-inflammatory, promoting scalp health. If you’re dealing with hair loss, you may have noticed a connection between spells where your scalp is particularly itchy or sensitive to the touch and more hair in your brush, sink and shower drain.

Since you’re probably going to wash your hair on a regular basis anyway, Nizoral is perhaps one of the most accessible weapons in the battle to improve your hairline. For a full review of hair loss products that contain ketoconazole, go to the site Hold the Hairline.